Web Application Development

With amazing upcoming trends and framework, it is very necessary for every web app

developer to be aware of latest web app development trends of 2017-18.

New responsive design:

Things are about to change as lots of new technologies are coming in the market. For new trend of web application development , responsive designs are not going to be restricted to be Mobile responsive. As we can see, this is the era of integrated wearable gadgets like Google Glass, Apple watch and Oculus Rift – some of the most talked technologies of this time. These are some technologies which keep growing their popularity. Additionally, Semantic UI is a new trend of designing framework these days which is most preferable by the web app developers, too!

Motion UI:

Foundation of Apps by Zurb has this motion UI in Sass library which is widely used for creating animations. You will be able to get an app’s transitions look smoother and the rich features with predefined motions. The prototypical animated elements of Motion UI make the mobile app motion transition more attractive and most preferable for the web app developers.

IDs based on Browsers:

People are started using more and more cloud-based IDs these days. Even non-techy guys are also selecting cloud-based IDs for browsers, first! The people who are in love with VIM, definitely going to change soon!

Love for IoT(Internet Of Things):

IOT is the king of today’s technological plethora. It has taken the web app development to a different level. Prediction says, most of the sales will be coming from new startup companies focusing mainly on IoT development. IoT enables us to exchange the data like never before for each and every web application development stuff. As people are getting aware of this thing, they start upgrading their network to get a fast communication, too!

Full screen – Design navigation:

The developers would get the help to set the fullscreen easily. Let’s see how? For example. The user is coming to your website to fill up the registration form somewhere. After clicking that form, the user will be redirected to a full screen from a small form panel. So this is the new trend of designing navigation for full screen.

Everything – real time:

Real-time analytics is changing its implementation in mobile and desktop apps these days. So, the live streaming will also become as important as the social media marketing of web apps. Thus, the new trend of doing everything real-time is gaining more popularity among developers.

Follow these trends and rock with your web application development.