Tinder dating platform and many other social media websites require its users to have a phone number for registering in their services.

You’ll need to download the Tinder app from your online store, Google Play, or App Store. Then tap the “Create Account” bottom, and after that, enter your phone number, and verify it afterward. There are other verification methods available, like Login with Google or Facebook or using an email address. But if you want none of these or using your phone number, you can get a virtual phone number from various providers.

By the way, it is prohibited to use the same phone number to create multiple accounts on a given social media platform.

We’ve come across the same problem and then began to search for online websites that provide users with virtual phone numbers. As a result, these shortlists appeared. Relying on these services, you will be able to receive SMS online without a phone.      


This web service helps its clients to receive SMS online for verification, so you can easily register on such websites as Tinder. There are paid phone numbers and also free ones, which allow you to receive SMS online temporary. This online company will help you to forget about physical SIM cards. You can get messages via virtual phone numbers of 20 countries, the feature of receiving/sending SMS messages to the numbers of 36+ mobile carriers. 


The online service boasts quite an extensive phone number base for all possible use cases. So, if you need to register another Tinder account and you don’t want to buy a physical SIM card and pay for the mobile service plan, you can approach OnlineSIM.        


There are six countries to choose mobile phone numbers from, namely the USA, UK, and Belgium. They are updated regularly. FreePhoneNum changes its numbers every two weeks. As a result, most of the numbers are kept refreshed.     


MobileSMS.io offers its users premium phone numbers only, with private SIM-cards. So, there’s no free trial but only a paid one. Besides popular countries – like the USA and the United Kingdom – this service provides you with the rare numbers of mobile carriers from China and India. There’s a huge phone number base to choose from.


This online service offers five numbers for the clients. While testing these websites, we’ve concluded that 403 errors occur too often, but you need to refresh the page to get back to normal. 


This service replaces its number base regularly since some phone numbers might not be working correctly.

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