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Cable installation is a critical task where efficiency is quite impossible to achieve. The increasingly vast cable supply, communication services, essential electric supply and the demand of contractor’s time has made it almost impossible to pay attention.

Here is everything that you need for installing cables:

Punch Down Tools

For fixing telecommunication cables, punch down tools are used. These are manual, impact and multi-wire. In order to seat the conductor excessive force is required.

  • Manual

The meaning of man power is that a human hand is used for generating force. The installer has to press down the conductor manually in order to settle it.

  • Impact

Whereas an impact tool is usually used by an installer, it has an attached spring-loaded head. With little to no pushing power, the installer presses the conductor down. When the spring comes in contact with the conductor, it automatically releases itself form the top. The pressure is then transferred to the spring head. The head seats the conductor automatically. Conditional to the cabling system, the impact tool changes the blades. Some advantages include speed, consistency and easy usage. 

  • Multi-wire

The advanced method includes the multi wire technique which minimizes the hand fatigue and dismisses all pairs with a single squeeze. The built-in blades are programmed to cut off the access cable after the work is done. Cable drum roller stands are required for the advanced cabling so that the wires don’t twist and turn.

The wish to do more in less time has increased drastically. Doing so while maintaining the efficiency is quite difficult. However, with the right tools your productivity can increase up to 8 times.

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