As all of us here and say "the First Impression is the previous impression". Thus, you only get a single opportunity to make a first impression and for years and years this humble piece of paper we call a business card has become the prime tool for moving personal and business advice to new contacts and customers at a universally identified format. You can explore the different kinds of the business card via

How to Make Sure Your Business Card Stands Out?

You meet a lot of people and almost daily hand out your business cards to many of your potential customers. However, the reaction you're getting is pretty discouraging and inefficient. The majority of the people that you meet push your business card in their pockets before looking at it.

Like everyone else, do you wish that your business card stands out? If you want your business card to make an enduring impression Rather than ending up in a dustbin, here are some smart tips to make that happen:

1. Ask your designer to design a personalized business card to match your brand and company. Do not get stuck on the free or cheap business card templates that are offered online. Receive a business card designed which is a visual representation of your enterprise, though, and identity with your logo imprinted over it together with the visual-textual elements.

2. Pick a paper that's thick and have a nice "feel." This will make your business card only feel more important than others. Get your business card printed on a bit thicker, smoother, softer, or possibly a textured paper. 

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