So many people feel that army surplus sites only sell guns but the reality is that they have a good deal more than guns.  Believe it or not, many surplus websites do not even sell guns and they just sell surplus goods from the military like tents. You can get more detail about surplus tents via

 Military Surplus Sites sells surplus goods

These are extremely useful not only on the battlefields, but they might be helpful for life on a day to day basis. There can be so many products it would be amazing about what they have. There is everything from clothes such as t-shirts to survival equipment.  Maybe some of the best material is the survival gear offered on these websites, but every site including online military sites has excellent material besides guns. Among the military websites, I saw recently had outstanding camping gear.  

When you think of it, it's not surprising that the army has top quality camping gear; they always are on the move in various terrains and need to constantly make the shelter.  Because of this, military surplus websites have great tent material, survival knives, and fire starting kits. Why is that important to have a fantastic fire starting kit you ask?  If you're in the frozen tundra and you can not create a fire, even with a good shelter, it is still possible to freeze to death.

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