It's no secret that veganism is one of the most popular lifestyle choices in the world. After all, who wants to willingly harm animals when they've never done anything to you? Being a vegan is all about watching what you eat and trying to make a concious effort to avoid all animal byproducts. This includes things like beeswax, honey, milk and eggs to name a few. Although most people focus solely on the diet aspect of being vegan and what they eat, veganism is also about being aware of what you buy. If you're against animals being harmed and slaughtered to produce food and products, then surely you're against children being harmed to produce clothes. As a true vegan the same principles apply to both animals and humans.

It's no secret that a lot of top clothing brands use sweat shops and children to produce their clothes. This is basically the same as cows being herded up to be milked. Obviously neither of them are right and a true vegan will consciously avoid buying products from these brands. Luckily there are vegan fashion brands out there that make sure they dont use children or animals to produce their clothing. All of their clothes are completely organic and leave as little environmental impact as possible. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved!

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