What is the Importance of Security, Grade, Weight, and Size When Selecting Door Hardware for a Front Door?

Choosing right front door hardware (such as lock, rigid door stop, doorknobs, etc.) is a crucial task you need to undertake since security and exposure to nature's elements would be serious concerns for such door hardware. Thus, this is the main topic we will delve into in the next few sections so that you can make the most appropriate choice while buying front door hardware.

Factors to Consider While Buying Front Door Hardware

Ensuring Security

rigid door stop There are various options for you to explore which can help you improve the security of your front door. Let us look at them here.

Locksets and Deadbolts

Locksets: Apart from door handles, rigid door stop, thresholds and other types of door hardware you will also have to look into hardware that will help you ensure the security of your home. 

This is where locksets become valuable and you can choose between tubular and mortise locksets. Moreover, tubular ones have an electronic keyless variety that you can look into as well.

Deadbolts: If you want to use a second security device then deadbolts are the right option to choose. The good thing about them is that these can be operated with the help of a key from outside and through thumb turn while you are inside.

Smart Locks and Electronic Locks

Smart Locks: The positive thing about smart locks is that you can use remote access software for accessing these locks through your smartphone or a web app. 

In addition to it, smart locks provide other features like creation of digital key that remains valid for certain time period, Bluetooth recognition as well as home integration, making it possible to link your lockset with security system present in the home.

Weight and Size

When selecting front door hardware (such as rigid door stop, door closer, door sweep or any other hardware) you will have to ensure that it is of the right size and will easily fit into your door.

Another thing you will have to check will be the weight of the door. As for example, if door hard you buy is supposed to be installed on a lighter door but you do the opposite then it will put more pressure on such door hardware and result in faster wear.

Different Grades of Hardware

You need to select hardware of the best quality for your front door and thus, it will be important to select hardware of the highest grade for your door. Let us go through details of some grades that such hardware falls in.

Grade 1: Such type of hardware is usually installed in commercial establishments.

Grade 2: This is of lesser quality in comparison to grade 1 hardware but still good enough to be used in a commercial facility.

Grade 3: Hardware falling in this grade is ideal for any type of residential usage.

In Conclusion

As we can see, there are several details to be looked into for selecting the right door hardware. By keeping note of these aspects you will be able to find hardware that perfectly fits into your door.

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