Silicone, coming from the Swedish word 'sili conei' literally means heavy stone. This tough yet brittle element has a higher density compared to gold and uranium and much more higher than lead. Because of its durability and ability to withstand a lot of force and pressure, silicone has been used in many electrical appliances, heavy machinery and even as military projectiles.

Although very surprising and strange to hear, silicone has actually been used in something people thought weren't fitting for the element, and that is in the use of silicone rings. Companies like etrnl  makes silicone rings .What was once just used for tough and technical work is now actually used in something so delicate and refined found in silicone couple rings.

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In its raw form, silicone is very hard to work with, but once it is extracted and made very pure, then they get easier to form and become very flexible. To get silicone, methods of extracting, drawing and extruding have to be done for it to be in its purest form. The reason why this element has become quite popular in the jewelry industry, especially in mens diamond silicone rings, is that they are very tough and are scratch resistant.

Which would be perfect for men since they are not as delicate as women especially when it comes to handling rings? Or perfect for couples who have careers that often need handling of objects with their hands. 

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