Covering any song means that you are playing someone else’s song with your style and flair. So it can be very difficult to do justice to the song and in addition, add your own element to it. Thus, it takes a lot of skill and practice to make nice cover songs.

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Following are a few tips for nice cover songs.

1. Originality

When covering a song, add some original elements to it. It could be changing the casting or the genre of the song. You can also change its tempo, musical colour, tempo and so on. The main reason most singers cover other songs is that they think they can make it much better. This is the main reason it has become a new trend to cover old songs. If there are no changes, people prefer to listen to the old version instead of a cover song.

2. Reason

There should be a good reason to cover a specific song and it should be obvious. The main reason people cover old songs is their love for it or sometimes, the lack of it. It is very essential that the artist’s intentions should be clear and convincing enough for the audience to listen to the new version of the song.

3. Respect the original song

Respecting the original does not mean that you cannot add your own twist to the song or make it humorous. But ensure that the original artist does not feel disrespected. Also make sure that you do not remove all the parts of the song.

You can use the above-mentioned tips for creating nice flute cover songs.

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