This is a software tool for construction professionals to manage their business. It is a comprehensive tool which covers all aspects of the construction business managed by the contractors and sub-contractors.


What does a contractor productivity software tool do?

The productivity software tool helps the contractors to keep an account of the day-to-day activities in the field. So the software has features like:

  • Working out the cost of the project
  • Keeping the payroll of the workers
  • Keeping records of raw material purchases
  • It manages the workflow.
  • Helps in knowing what amount of work is pending for the day
  • Helps in better organization and management of resources
  • Helps in estimation of sub-projects
  • Can collaborate with other projects
  • Helps in document management
  • Reports can be read off-field also

What are the major advantages of the contractor productivity tool?

This tool helps in easy management of the project. It helps in managing the work details of the construction workers like the days of work and their payroll. By this their productivity can be calculated. Also, the purchase bills can be uploaded which helps to track the expenses of the project. The project can be divided into sub-projects and each sub-project can be checked for its progress. It helps the contractor to know the pace of work and how it can be hastened to complete the project on-time.

There is a myriad of advantages in using the software for contractors which ensures that the projects are completed within the stipulated time and expenses don’t go overboard.  

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