When I wake up in the morning and getting ready for work, the first thing I do is turn on the coffee maker.  Although there is nothing wrong with having a daily cup of coffee, drinking 8 oz of water when you first wake up does have its benefits.  One great benefit to drinking water first thing in the morning is it can help your metabolism off to a great start.  Studies have shown that drinking 16 oz of water in the morning can increase your metabolic rate almost 30%.  This is a great way to get added energy and helpful for those who are trying to Lose Weight because your body will be better able to burn fat.  

It is also important to drink water in the morning because you usually will lose hydration overnight.  Adding lemon to your morning water can also help to flush out any toxins and help you to feel more refreshed.  Drinking water in the morning and throughout the day can also help to help with digestion.  Water helps the body more effectively absorb nutrients it needs and dilute the things your body doesn’t need.  Did you know your brain tissue is 75% water?  When you are dehydrated it can lead to mental and physical impairment as well as feeling fatigued or irritable.  So tomorrow morning when instead of reaching for the coffee pot, reach for a few glasses of water!

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