Scaffolding is one of the most vital services in the building Industry. It is used for construction purposes in the commercial and residential projects. Scaffolding is a temporary structure which is used to support the temporary structure of building and has support platforms and pillars to keep the building intact. It is generally perceived that they are only used in the construction process. But the true fact is that Scaffolding is an Industry of it’s own and has got a lot of significance. Here is a list of 5 Purposes where Scaffolding is used apart from buildings.

Ski ramps

Ski is a very popular sport in various European countries and it remains also popular in Australia. A Ski ramp can be easily erected with the use of scaffold. Usually very strong aluminium rods are used i a multi floor structure in a pattern to support strong ski ramps. Many scaffolding companies in Sydney provide for it.

Concert stages

Many a times the organizers for concerts also hire scaffolding service in Sydney just for setting up the rock shows and musical events. Scaffolds can be used in a very strong fashion and in very beautiful patterns to erect base and shelter for music rock shows and events.

Viewing towers

Viewing towers are erected at various tourist places. Sometimes they can even be seen in sport stadiums. A scaffold can be used for erecting viewing towers at a certain height and for support.


The scaffolds can also be used as vertical supporting members in the whole of a section of the building. Then can also be used by engineers for on site work and for landmines where structure is not stable.

Exhibition, Stores, Museums And Art Projects

The Scaffold structure can also be used in medieval buildings, churches, museums and exhibition stores. They can be used to preserve valuable old structures in museums and in exhibitions they can be used to prevent people from entering.

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