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Travelling is all fun and games until someone gets sick or hurt and you realize that you didn’t pack the essential first aid kit. While most of the countries have medical supplies, not everything suits you the way it does back at home.

Here is your complete guide for packing essential first aid kit when travelling to Australia western front:

  • Band Aids and Disinfecting Wipes

Believe it or not you are going to need these more than you think. Especially if you are travelling with kids, trust us when we say that these are essentials. Even if only adults are travelling, band aids and wipes come in handy because you never know when you might hurt yourself.

  • Bug and mosquito repellents

Bugs and mosquitoes are everywhere and you don’t want to get infected on a vacation. Lyme disease is commonly transmitted through tick bites and it is a serious concern. Mosquitoes on the other hand can cause extreme fevers leading to blood cell loss.Also note that some of the repellents aren’t water proof, so you might have to reapply.

  • Pain Relievers

In an essential first aid kit, it is important to have general pain-relieving medications to help with headaches, swellings or muscle pulls. Your body starts to ache when you aren’t in the comforts of your homes so keeping these medicines is smart.

  • Anti-Allergic

You can easily be prone toallergies even if you are a few states away from home. A change in environment makes you vulnerable and sometimes the pollen in the air affects you quicker that the rest of the group.

This was our starter first aid kit for the first timetravelers; hope this helps you on your future trip. 

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